Ricky Martin Sues His Nephew For Extortion After Making Unfounded Allegations Against Him.

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On Wednesday, attorneys for Ricky Martin filed a civil lawsuit in a San Juan, Puerto Rico court against his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sánchez. The suit alleges extortion and various other charges. The suit follows a July legal battle in which a judge in San Juan issued a protection order in favor of the entertainer’s nephew after he denounced him for harassment, but Martin has refuted and rejected that claim. During a hearing on July 21, the judge decided not to extend the temporary protection order against Martin because his nephew asked to dismiss the case. After the hearing, the Puerto Rico Police said that the protection order issued against Martin would be archived since there was nothing criminal pending at this time, CNN reported.

In the claim recorded Wednesday, Martin mentioned monetary pay for a sum of something like $30 million, charging that Sánchez’s activities caused “million-dollar agreements and present and future creative undertakings” to be dropped.


“The monetary harms caused because of these activities are measured in an amount of something like US$10 million,” it states. The court archive further expresses what is happening has caused “harm to the standing of the offended party, who, until the Protection Order became public information, partook in a faultless standing acquired through his long imaginative and unselfish profession for the last just about 40 years of his life.”


CNN has made numerous endeavors to arrive at Sánchez’s legitimate portrayal for input.


These reputational harms are measured “in an amount of at the very least US $20 million,” the claim states. Martin is looking for the guaranteed harms, interest, expenses and lawyer’s charges.

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