Chris Pine Emphasizes That Harry Styles Say Anything About His Comment.

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Actor and singer Harry Styles has a sense of humor. The musician joked at his Madison Square Garden concert on Wednesday that he had gone “very quickly to Venice to spit on Chris Pine.” The statements came after recent speculation that Styles had spat on “Don’t Worry Darling” costar Pine during that film’s debut at the Venice Film Festival. Videos circulating on social media showed that Styles made light of the speculation by making a joke about how he had gone to Venice in order to spit on Pine. Earlier this week, people on the internet went wild after footage from the film festival showed Styles approaching Pine to take a seat next to the actor at a screening of the thriller. As Styles moved to his seat, he made a subtle “puh” motion with is mouth. Pine then looked down at his lap, paused his applause, shook his head and grinned as if there may have been some kind of joke between the two stars.

The entire occurrence got so enormous that a refusal of any spitting was given.


“Just honestly, Harry Styles didn’t spit on Chris Pine,” a rep for Pine told People magazine. “There is only regard between these two men and any idea in any case is an unmitigated endeavor to make show that just doesn’t exist.”


It was the very most recent guessed off-screen show around the film.


Chief Olivia Wilde likewise confronted questions regarding whether she and the film’s star, Florence Pugh had encountered a run in.


“Florence is a power,” Wilde said during a public interview at the celebration. “I can’t say enough that I am so respected to have her as our lead. She’s astounding in the film.”


“With respect to all the perpetual newspaper tattle and all the clamor out there, I mean, the web channels itself,” Wilde said. “I don’t want to contribute. I believe it’s adequately very much fed.”


Pugh strolled honorary pathway for the film at the celebration, yet couldn’t take part in the public interview due to a booking struggle.

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