Swimsuit-Clad Adam Driver Goes Viral For Burberry Again.

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August is the hottest month of the year, and it’s famous for luxury sculptable abs.

Actor Adam Driver again went viral for a topless, salt-of-the-earth Burberry campaign promoting the brand’s eau de parfum “Burberry Hero.” The barefoot and bare-chested actor can be seen running across a deserted beach at dusk with a mighty, caramel-colored horse in tow. The two beings dive into the ocean together, emerge as a single creature — a centaur — and then gallop into the sunset on a beach near you. The commercial is directed by Jonathan Glazer and photographed by Mario Sorrenti. It is a continuation of the first frenzy-inducing “centaur” commercial released by the brand exactly one year ago.

Some people have described the football player’s photo as an example of the female gaze , a concept that comes from feminist critical theory. The term is typically used to describe art that deviates from the objectifying male perspective that dominates modern culture. The actor was not the only high-profile torso on show this week. Another instance occurred during England’s Women’s Euro 2022 soccer final on Sunday: after scoring a goal, England’s Chloe Kelly whipped off her Lioness shirt to reveal a Nike sports bra and lean stomach. This image has already been called “the feminist image of the decade.”

Kelly Clarkson celebrated her team’s achievement by dancing on the ice. Although some critics questioned whether her moves were sexually suggestive, journalist Lucy Ward defended the singer in a tweet that has since been liked more than 154,000 times: “Her celebration was not for sex or show, but for sheer joy of what she can do and the power and skill she has.”

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