Nicole Kidman Remains One Of Fashion’s Biggest Risk-Takers At Age 55.

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Nicole Kidman an Oscar winner, who turned 55 this summer, appears on the cover of Perfect Magazine — a cascade of red hair falling over one shoulder with a section cropped bluntly at her chin. The actress is styled in pieces from Diesel’s Autumn-Winter 2022 collection, which debuted at Milan Fashion Week this February — a highly praised array replete with Y2K-inspired trucker hats, denim trench coats and the buzzy belt-skirt Kidman wears.

A second cover of the magazine spotlights Kidman in a pair of patent thigh-high boots from Y/Project, a label helmed by Belgian designer Glenn Martens. The famous actress Rihanna appears in several internet-breaking looks throughout the 20-page fashion editorial; one photo shows her in a naked print dress and another features her wearing the double denim ensemble from Diesel. She is dubbed as “Perfect Icon” by Vogue — one of 23 new awards launched to recognize industry talent across the board. In an accompanying interview, Kidman says she makes her decisions like a teenager: not playing out consequences. She explains that her career has seen its ups and downs but she likes it because it makes for a tumultuous career — one that is definitely worth following.

Kidman’s penchant for daredevil dressing has long given her an edge in the high fashion space. In February, she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair’s “Hollywood Issue” in a micro-skirt so prolific that an Instagram account now tracks every time it is worn by an influencer or celebrity. The look is made all the more dynamic because Kidman asked stylist Katie Grand to wear the shorn chino skirt. During Paris Haute Couture Week in July, Kidman joined Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa on the runway to model for Balenciaga.

The actress is known for taking fashion risks. In 1997, she wore a chartreuse Dior dress made from embroidered silk to the Oscars. Designed by John Galliano, the look caused such a stir it now boasts its own dedicated Wikipedia page. The gown’s color was so heavily criticized by comedian and red carpet critic Joan Rivers—who told Kidman the hue was “making her puke” and allegedly made retching noises as the actor walked past—that some argue it helped create a culture of cautious red carpet dressing that endures today. “John (Galliano) made it for me,” Kidman told Women’s Wear Daily at the event. “I don’t know if people will get it.”

Due to strict beauty standards and young people’s influence on fashion, many older women feel pressure to conform to the latest trends. However, Kidman says she is not afraid of breaking the mold. “As I always say, ‘I’m gonna do what I want to do,'” she told Perfect. “That’s probably why I click with photographers, as I’m not here to stamp myself on you, but rather you stamp yourself on me and for us to grow together. Let’s play!”

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