Listing the Best Tennis Clubs in Charlotte, NC

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Tennis is one of the best ways to get a full-body workout while having fun. Playing the game can be more accessible than people think, and it’s an aerobic activity that can help you improve your heart health.

The city of Charlotte is home to a number of fantastic tennis clubs that have courts for every ability level, including indoor and outdoor courts. These facilities also offer USTA leagues and tournaments for both competitive and recreational players. Here are some of the best tennis clubs in Charlotte, NC.

Indoor Courts

Tennis is a fun and social sport to play on any surface, but indoor courts have several advantages. For one, they’re usually well maintained and clean, which helps prevent the buildup of bacteria.

Additionally, many facilities are climate controlled, making playing in hot weather more enjoyable. Lastly, most indoor courts offer the latest in equipment and technology.

For a true tennis fanatic, there is no better way to experience the sport than by booking a court time and hitting the links at a local Charlotte, NC club. With a variety of lessons, classes and competitions to choose from, you can find the best fit for your tennis skillset and lifestyle. Get in the game and book a court time today! You’ll have a ball.

Outdoor Courts

Charlotte offers several outdoor courts to play tennis with friends and family. These courts are located throughout the city and are a great way to have fun while getting in a good workout.

The city also has a few parks that have tennis courts that draw residents from all over the area. The courts are often used during the day when kids are in school and people can relax with a cup of coffee or a cold drink while they take in the scenery.

Coca-Cola Consolidated, the nation’s largest bottler of Coke and Sprite, donated $105,000 to Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation through Partners for Parks to spruce up 6 neighborhood basketball courts this summer. The first completed court was unveiled at a community celebration on June 22.


Leagues and racquet clubs provide tennis playing opportunities for members of all ages. They are operated by nonprofits like Southpark Swim and Tennis Club, the Charlotte Tennis Association, Florida Tennis Foundation and Waxhaw Swim and Tennis.

Traditionally, the league process is long and tedious, taking weeks to find a team, then weeks to register with a registration system that can be confusing and outdated. After that, you’re billed for 8-12 weeks of tennis, if you make it to a singles match at all.

Challenge League makes it easy to join a tennis league, play at your own convenience and climb your local rankings at your own pace. You can also play in free tournaments and qualify for year-end National Championships. Plus, you can even create your own league.


Tournaments are a great way to get competitive and socialize with other tennis club members. Longview offers a variety of tournaments, including USTA Leagues, Ladies Morning leagues, Ladies Interclub, Men’s/ Women’s and mixed tournaments, round robins and annual club championships.

Our yearly intra-state tennis tournament, the Carolina Cup, is also an excellent opportunity for club members to socialize while playing a game of tennis. The tournaments are typically held during early to mid October and feature several singles/doubles matches at various skill levels. In addition to competition, the Carolina Cup is designed to foster relations between our two organized GLTA clubs and raise money for charity. We have had players from all over the United States and Europe participate in prior editions of the event.


There are a number of great tennis clubs in Charlotte, North Carolina that offer both recreational and competitive lessons for both beginners and experienced players. The city’s mild climate and active culture make it a convenient place to take tennis lessons at any time of year, whether you’re looking for a new fitness activity or a chance to hit the courts with friends.

The Charlotte Tennis Academy, founded in 1989, offers first-class instructional programs for juniors of all ages and ability levels. The academy also offers youth tennis clinics, USTA leagues for adults, summer camps and private lessons. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you develop your game and grow the sport of tennis throughout the community. Pam Furr was an integral part of the development of our tennis programs and she will be deeply missed by her many friends in the area.

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