Katie Holmes Welcomes You To Her Summer Of Sass.

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She’s the everywoman who specializes in jeans and stylish knits, but Katie Holmes appears to have completely changed her fashion sense lately. It began with an edgy crop top and a buttoned shirt here. Sure, Holmes is in on the baby-tee trend’s ascent and seems to have planned it that way. This was the woman who popularized the now ubiquitous cashmere bra. But then came the trouserless Instagram post.

The intriguing fashion scene in Richard Holmes’s latest installment of Holmes’s Q.J. series, “Holmes and the Baronet”, carrie d out what viewers already know or expect: Holmes has been using her low-key presentation philosophy for some time now, and her usual wardrobe consists of simple acts plus some slightly longer pieces, such as the sweater-brief combo. The surprise coming from the Holmes social media post, however, was that she had draped this ensemble with a classic Burberry trench over the top of it. Almost every aspect of Holmes’s tailored ensemble was modeled on her persona.

Last night at the Tribeca Film Festival, Emma Stone wore a white crochet Chloé dress that revealed a lace bra and her belly button. Gabriela Hearst fans will have recognized the craftcore look as the work of the creative director, whose painstakingly made clothes are made by artisans and can’t be mimicked by machinery. But chances are you were thinking less about the sustainable message of Stone’s eveningwear and more about her bohemian new mood on the arm of her boyfriend, Bobby Wooten III.

Katie Holmes, who lives on the Upper West Side and commutes to work in Acne Bladie loafers, has become a fashion plate since she started dating Jake Gyllenhaal (the man responsible for her cut-out gown at the Vanity Fair Oscars party). She has a collection of wide-leg workaday denim to die for. If anyone was going to tempt her into free-spirited fashion territory, it’s Hearst: the designer responsible for her cut-out gown at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, and who keeps Holmes equipped with slouchy handbags.

Now 43, and positively glowing, Holmes is clearly feeling good in her own skin. These unapologetically sexy looks, which take the spirit of her most playful moments to date – that famous bradigan, those hot pink party heels – and run with it, are enthralling to watch. Not because she’s flashing a little more skin, but because she’s embracing her beauty and flaunting it. And isn’t confidence the most coveted accessory?

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