How Much Does it Cost to Build a Golf Course in South Africa?

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The costs of building a golf course in South Africa vary considerably. There is a wide range of factors that determine the cost of a golf course, including the quality of the course, the size of the golf course, the location, the amenities, the number of holes, and the difficulty of the golf course.

Golf in South Africa is one of the most popular sports in the country. There are more than 450 golf clubs in the country that are registered with the South African Golf Association. Several courses are also under construction or in various stages of development.

It is estimated that the average 18-hole golf course in South Africa requires 140 to 180 acres of land. However, the length and difficulty of the golf course will determine the amount of land it will take. An average 9-hole golf course will require 70 to 100 acres. Similarly, a shorter par-3 course will need less land.

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many of the golf courses were already leased. These golf course leases are usually 99 years long and prevent the land from being used for housing. This creates a lucrative market for new developers. In addition, low-interest rates make it possible for new construction companies to get into the business.

Land requirements

Land requirements will also depend on where the course is located and the type, of course, the client wants to build. For example, a short par-3 course may be constructed on 25 acres of land. But a full-length elite course might need up to 140 acres of land. As well, a new owner may want to invest in large trees to ensure that the landscape looks attractive.

Cost of Development

Costs of developing a golf course will also include pre-construction costs, such as planning permits, land acquisition, and the installation of irrigation, grassing, and other equipment. Construction costs can also be mitigated by timely permit applications and by avoiding excessive drainage.

Generally, the cost of maintaining a golf course will be relatively low and is typically around R500 000 per year. This amount is sufficient to cover two machines per year. The average water bill for a golf course in the country is about 36 million liters a month. This figure is enough to provide the water needed for 6,000 households.

The costs of building a golf course can be minimized by working with a skilled architect. Architects can advise on the best land for the project and help avoid time delays. Moreover, they will help the client avoid extensive drainage and earth movement.

Depending on the quality of the course, the total expenses for building a golf course in South Africa will range from EUR 5 million to EUR 9 million. Although the total cost of an 18-hole golf course will be affected by the location, quality, and size of the course, the average cost of an 18-hole course is R450 000 a month.

Alternatively, a shorter par-3 course might only cost $150,000. On the other hand, an elite golf course could cost more than $1 million.


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