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My name is Judy Frisk. It seems I've been involved in art, music and technology my entire life. My mother had her own radio show in Chicago before I was born, and my dad was a pioneer in the early days of radio, television, and studio recording. He designed and built many of Hollywood's finest recording studios, working with jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, and pop artists such as Elvis, Neil Diamond, The Beatles... He'd bring home these recordings, and as a result, I grew up immersed in a vast variety of musical genres - loving jazz early on, playing classical music, studying and majoring in both Music and Art.

I began as a freelance artist doing photography, design and illustration for poster and record albums, and because of my dad, saw the arts as a natural companion to technology. So in addition to Music and Fine Art ,my training included Computer Graphics and Programming, Ergonomics and Interface Design - and I began working as a computer consultant, creating interface systems for online banking, and with the internet, web-enabling the old mainframe legacy systems, and finally on to multimedia design and programming for websites.

Since forming 2 Worlds Interactive in 1999, my goal has been to work with individual artists on a one-to-one basis, and to create highly visual, engaging and intuitive websites that say something personal and unique about each artist.

I work with musicians, artists and other creative professionals because I have an interest in what they do, and out of this respectful working relationship and immersion in their creative output, comes the solution of interpreting it visually and building an interactive experience around it. Each site is an individual expression of the particular artist's unique genius.

I look forward to hearing from you!      – Judy Frisk